Aged mahón PDO - The Iberians
Aged mahon PDO “Mercadal”
Description Square cheese from Menorca made from pasteurised cow’s milk and aged to form a buttery firm texture. Miniature sold with its lid pre-cut and including special knife to make a great aperitif. A versatile, delicious PDO cheese which can be consumed in flakes or sliced. Ideal above as an aperitif (with crisp white wine or cava) or with salads, carpaccio, pasta, risottos or for cooking in a sauce. Makes a more buttery and economical alternative to parmesan. Also fabulous sliced on a cheese table. Figs and grapes accompany particularly well. Pairing This cheese goes fabulous with crisp white or rosé wines. Sensorial Firm, hard and flaky texture. Intense aroma reminiscent of butter, leather and wood.
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San Simón da Costa DOP - The Iberians
San Simon
Caramel coloured with a golden interior and tiny eye, San Simon is a smoked cow’s milk cheese from Galicia in the shape of a teardrop. The subtle smoked flavour comes from ageing the cheese on birch wood. The distinct smoke flavour permeates the moist, malleable paste that finishes creamy and luscious. Only four producers make this cheese in Spain. Used for creams, sauces, textures, desserts, jellies, foams and cheeses boards.   Download the info sheet
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