There are many cheeses that are made with mixtures of two or three milk.
Cow’s milk provides the necessary amount of milk, the base flavor and acidity, while goat’s milk provides the white color and a spicy or acid flavor. The sheep cheese improves the flavor of the cheese, its consistency, aroma and fat content.

Cabrales PDO Blue Cheese - The Iberians
Cabrales PDO Blue Cheese
  Description The most famous and strongest Spanish Blue Cheese, made from raw sheep’s and cows milk, plus penicillium roqueforti mould and matured in caves in the Picos de Europa, Asturias. Ideal in salads, with honey and/or nuts, simply enjoyed with bread or even for cooking.   Pairing This type of cheese is ideal drunk with strong wines. A sparkling wine is perfect with this too as it refreshes the mouth and eliminates any excess fatty taste.   Sensorial Complex – soft and creamy, yet crumbly. Intense taste which suggest fermented fruit, mould and yeast, with a tangy, spicy aftertaste.     Download the info sheet
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Iberico Cheese (2crowns) - The Iberians
Iberico Cheese (2 crowns)
  Description Iberico Semicured Cheese is a truly  authentic European cheese. Made from a unique mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk, it’s  been aged for 3 months to create a semi-hard cheese that tastes great with omelets,  salads, pastas, potatoes and rice.   Pairing Great accompanied by a dry or semi-dry fruity white wine or a smooth red wine.   Sensorial Firm and compact cheese with small eyes. Slightly yellow colour and slightly acidic lactic aroma. Taste medium to strong according to if semi matured or matured.     Download the info sheet
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