Agina Guindilla Peppers
Agina Guindilla Peppers
  DESCRIPTION Ibarra Guindillas are small green chillies from the Ibarra district in the Basque Country. They are thin, slightly long with a green yellowish colour and soft skin.   PACKAGE Jar 3675 G.  
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Arberquina olives bernal - The Iberians
Arberquina olives Bernal
  DESCRIPTION The name comes from the village of Arbeca in the comarca of the Les Garrigues (Catalonia), where it was first introduced to Europe from the Ottoman Empire in the seventeenth century by the Duke of Medinaceli becoming one of the most widely planted cultivars in the world. Arbequina olives are rich and flavorful for their small size. Its texture is firm and meaty. Pair up Arbequina olives with goat cheese or feta, dried figs or pears, and almonds.   PACKAGE Jar 330 G.  
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La Sevillana gordal queen olives
La Sevillana gordal queen olives
  DESCRIPTION La Sevillana gordal queen olives pitted or whole.   PACKAGE Jar 5 KG.  
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Olives Chupadedos Bernal - The Iberians
Olives Chupadedos Bernal
  DESCRIPTION Sosa olives from Campo Real with an intense green color of the Okal variety with which we make this delicious “Chupadedos” recipe in Bernal seasoned with red pepper, garlic, oregano and olive oil. His name says it all.   PACKAGE Jar 455 G.  
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Olives Cornicabra Bernal - The Iberians
Olives Cornicabra Bernal
  DESCRIPTION Olives from the Spanish Levante area. They are collected when they have reached maturity and their peculiar purple-purple color. At BERNAL we make them with an unmistakable personal touch. Its intense and slightly bitter flavor makes them ideal for all kinds of Valencian salads and appetizers.   PACKAGE Jar 315 G.  
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Spanish Pickled Goods - The Iberians
Spanish Pickles

Our products:

  • Banderillas
  • Cornichons (Pepinillos)
  • Pickled Cocktail Mix
  • Pickled Garlic (Ajos)
  • Guindilla Peppers
  • Capers (Alcaparras)
  • Queen Green Olives (pitted & whole)
  • Black Olives
  • Arbequina Olives
  • Green Olives with Anchovy
  • Campesina Olives with Mojo Picon
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