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Murcia al Vino Cheese

Pressed, washed, uncooked cheese made from Murcian goat´s milk and cured for a
minimum of 45 days for large cheeses and 30 days for small ones. Macerated in red wine
during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma.
A pleasantly sharp aroma and unsalty flavor. The red wine in which the cheese is soaked
during ripening gives a flowery aroma and a pleasant aftertaste with reminiscences of
goat’s milk and cream. The texture is creamy and elastic. The pate is semi-soft with small
eyes, ivory white, slightly acidic and creamy to taste. On the outside, the rind appears
purple, characteristic of red wine baths during maturation. As with other Spanish cheeses,
Queso de Murcia is eaten with beer or wine or as a part of meal with fruits & nuts.