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Ideazabal Cheese

Idiazabal smoked artisan raw milk cheese is a classic from the Basque
Country. It is a cheese that brings us the pastures and landscapes of the mountains
and valleys of the Basque Country. Slightly smoke and with floral notes. Intense
aromas and taste.

Idiazábal cheese should have an intense, pungent and clean odor. There should be an absence of foreign odors.
It is a compact cheese with a not very pronounced elasticity, quite firm, where you can find granules when chewing it, without becoming lumpy.

The more ripe it is, the less moisture it will have, and therefore less elasticity and a more brittle and hard texture.
The flavor of Idiazábal cheese is intense, “filling the mouth”, balanced, clean and consistent with a marked “aged sheep’s milk” character and some natural rennet flavor provided it has matured long enough. It has a spicy tone and there must be an absence of bitterness. Its salinity is medium.

After a tasting, it leaves a lingering aftertaste of its characteristic flavor.


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