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Black Garlic Allioli


You might have tried alioli, Spanish garlic mayonnaise, but nothing compares to this!  Black Garlic is the key ingredient. Black Garlic Ailoli is the king of sauces, with umami (savoury) undertones. Try it: your taste buds are waiting for the ultimate experience. Smooth texture. Umami flavor with nuances of plum, raisin and liquorice.


Delicious black garlic allioli, perfect to accompany all kinds of meat and fish, rice dishes, potatoes as well as to spread on any food.
This product is ideal for use in creative cuisine to design new dishes and recipes, since due to its qualities it offers a wide range of possibilities.


Product Details

Sunflower oil, black garlic cream made with purple garlic (15%), water, dehydrated egg, dehydrated yolk, olive oil, salt, lemon juice, fresh purple garlic (0.7%), colouring: E-153 , acidifier: citric acid, preservative: E-202, aroma, stabilizer: xanthan gum and antioxidants: E-304/ E-306.


  • Jar 135g.