Aged mahón PDO - The Iberians
Aged mahon PDO “Mercadal”
  Description Square cheese from Menorca made from pasteurised cow’s milk and aged to form a buttery firm texture. Miniature sold with its lid pre-cut and including special knife to make a great aperitif. A versatile, delicious PDO cheese which can be consumed in flakes or sliced. Ideal above as an aperitif (with crisp white wine or cava) or with salads, carpaccio, pasta, risottos or for cooking in a sauce. Makes a more buttery and economical alternative to parmesan. Also fabulous sliced on a cheese table. Figs and grapes accompany particularly well.   Pairing This cheese goes fabulous with crisp white or rosé wines.   Sensorial Firm, hard and flaky texture. Intense aroma reminiscent of butter, leather and wood.    
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Cabrales PDO Blue Cheese - The Iberians
Cabrales PDO Blue Cheese
  Description The most famous and strongest Spanish Blue Cheese, made from raw sheep’s and cows milk, plus penicillium roqueforti mould and matured in caves in the Picos de Europa, Asturias. Ideal in salads, with honey and/or nuts, simply enjoyed with bread or even for cooking.   Pairing This type of cheese is ideal drunk with strong wines. A sparkling wine is perfect with this too as it refreshes the mouth and eliminates any excess fatty taste.   Sensorial Complex – soft and creamy, yet crumbly. Intense taste which suggest fermented fruit, mould and yeast, with a tangy, spicy aftertaste.     Download the info sheet
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Capriche of Chaira - The Iberians
Caprice of Chaira
  Description Pasteurized cow's milk. Persistent, sweet and salty flavor; with a spicy and astringent touch.   Pairing It pairs with mature wines, with an enveloping and delicate body.   Sensorial Notes of nuts and a certain bitterness at the end.     Download the info sheet
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Cheese with paprika from La Vera - The iberians
Cheese with Paprika from La Vera
  Description Compact and creamy texture. Pasteurized cow's milk.   Pairing It pairs with young and fresh white wines.   Sensorial Very dairy flavor and with a taste of spicy paprika, floral and tropical nuances. Touch of nuts.     Download the info sheet
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Garrotxa cheese - The Iberians
Garrotxa Cheese
  Description Artesanal Cheese from Catalonia made from pasteurised goats cheese. Accompany with bread and olive oil, fruit or jams. Perfect with salads.   Pairing A cheese which combines especially well with a crisp, cask-aged white wine or a young red wine.   Sensorial Firm but elastic textured cheese without holes which becomes soft and velvety in the mouth. Creamy taste with notes of the forest in the Autumn.     Download the info sheet
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Iberico Cheese (2crowns) - The Iberians
Iberico Cheese (2 crowns)
  Description Iberico Semicured Cheese is a truly  authentic European cheese. Made from a unique mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk, it’s  been aged for 3 months to create a semi-hard cheese that tastes great with omelets,  salads, pastas, potatoes and rice.   Pairing Great accompanied by a dry or semi-dry fruity white wine or a smooth red wine.   Sensorial Firm and compact cheese with small eyes. Slightly yellow colour and slightly acidic lactic aroma. Taste medium to strong according to if semi matured or matured.     Download the info sheet
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Idiazabal PDO “Belai” 2,7 kg - The Iberians
Idiazabal Cheese
  Description Idiazabal smoked artisan raw milk cheese is a classic from the Basque Country. It is a cheese that brings us the pastures and landscapes of the mountains and valleys of the Basque Country. Slightly smoke and with floral notes. Intense aromas and taste. Is a sheep’s milk and hand made cheese that has a hard inedible outer rind.   Pairing Goes very well with dry white wines or young red ones.   Sensorial The flavor of Idiazabal cheese is intense with a marked “aged sheep's milk” character and some natural rennet flavor . It has a spicy tone and there must be an absence of bitterness. Its salinity is medium. After a tasting, it leaves a lingering aftertaste of its characteristic flavor.     Download the info sheet
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Lara & Sara Blue - The Iberians
Lara & Sara Blue
  Description Made with goat and sheep’s milk. Fatty melted cheese with blue cheese spread. The "Saanen" breed goat provides a very pleasant bouquet.   Pairing Pairing with red reserve wines. It goes well with sweet wines even with vermouth.   Sensorial Blue with a mild flavor, slightly spicy notes and somewhat bitter if the penicillium is well developed.     Download the info sheet
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Lara & Sara Blue Cheese - The Iberians
Lara & Sara Blue Cheese
  Description Made with 100% Galician cow and goat milk. The goat, of the  "Saanen" breed, provides a very pleasant bouquet.   Pairing Pair with reserve red wines; even with sweet wines or vermouth.   Sensorial Blue with a mild flavor, with slightly spicy and somewhat bitter notes, if the penicillium is well developed.     Download the info sheet
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Murcia al Vino PDO - The Iberians
Murcia al Vino Cheese PDO
  Description Pressed, washed, uncooked cheese made from Murcian goat´s milk and cured for a minimum of 45 days for large cheeses and 30 days for small ones. Macerated in red wine during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma. A pleasantly sharp aroma and unsalty flavor. The red wine in which the cheese is soaked during ripening gives a flowery aroma and a pleasant aftertaste with reminiscences of goat’s milk and cream. The texture is creamy and elastic. The pate is semi-soft with small eyes, ivory white, slightly acidic and creamy to taste. On the outside, the rind appears purple, characteristic of red wine baths during maturation. As with other Spanish cheeses, Queso de Murcia is eaten with beer or wine or as a part of meal with fruits & nuts.   Pairing Best combined with young, fresh white wines or Rioja Spanish red wines.   Sensorial Firm and elastic texture with a mild to medium taste. Light wine bouquet.     Download the info sheet
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Roncari Blue Cheese - The Iberians
Roncari Blue Cheese
  Description Made in the town of Roncal, in the Basque region of Northern Spain, some call this sheep’s variety blue cheese the Roquefort de España. Due to its velvet and creamy texture  and smooth flavor this cheese can be used in sauces, for croquettes, salads, compotes, cheese boards and for desserts.   Pairing Is ideal drunk with strong wines and sparkling wine.   Sensorial Compact cheese with some holes and blue mould. White to creamy colour with blue mould development. Lactic aroma and slightly acidic, strong taste and a creamy finish.     Download the info sheet
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Semi-mature Mahon Cheese Mercadal - The Iberians
Semi-mature Mahon Cheese Mercadal
  Description Mahon is a semi cured cow's milk cheese aged for 3 months and is also known as Queso Mahón-Menorca, (because of its origin), it represents the excellence in Menorcan cheese from Balearic island. It is full flavoured with a creamy lactose note that fills your mouth with the sweetness of milk. It is great in cooking sandwiches or pizzas. It comes as a pressed cheese paste, with parallelepiped shape with rounded edges. Combining sobrasada (a fermented chorizo) with melted mahon is an excellent match with toast or in a crunchy roll.   Pairing This cheese goes fabulous with dry white or rosé wines.   Sensorial Firm texture, easy to cut. Of medium-intense aroma reminiscent of fresh milk and butter. Mild taste which can be reminiscent of yogurt, caramel and olive oil.     Download the info sheet
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