Sobrasada - The Iberians
Sobrasada is a traditional soft cured sausage from Mallorca made with ground pork, paprika, salt and spices, and it is the national sausage of the Balearic Islands. At The Iberians we start with premium quality free-range pork add a pinch of sea salt and sun dried paprika from De la Vera (DOP), the result is a finely textured Sobrasada of excellent quality. It is traditionally shaped as a Salchichón, and wider than a chorizo. It is unique for its soft-spreadable texture. A remarkable dish from the Balearic Islands is the Sobrasada omelette with ‘rubbed’ tomato on toast. Sobrasada is usually served spread on crusty bread with Mahon cheese and toasted until it melts, there is no other sausage from Mallorca more typical than this except for the butifarró. Sobrasada is a versatile sausage and can also be used as a filling in pasta dishes, on pizza or fried with sea food or meat and even as part of a honey-based sauce making it one of the most versatile products of all Spanish cured meats. This is a gluten free product. Download our info sheet
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