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Lomo (Cured pork loin)
The lomo embuchado (pork loin) has its origin in Aragon (Spain), and is one of the cured meat products that have been protected under the Diputación de Aragón  guarantee mark since 1993 in order to protect the quality of the product. The preparation of the loin has been carried out in Aragon since ancient times. Originally the pork meat was obtained from the la matanza tradicional (traditional killings), now with the protection of the Diputación de Aragón guarantee mark ensures that the finest quality pork lion continues to be used as before. The lomo embuchado of Aragon uses only the freshest meat free of the outer fat from castrated male pigs or females outside the estrus period, with salt and other natural spices marinated and then put into a sausage net.  It is then allowed to mature for a maximum period of 60 days. The loin obtains an intense flavour, fine texture and is soft on the palate and is marketed with the seal of food quality. It comes in a ‘candle’ between 50 to 70 cm in length. For their preparation, the loins are put to cure in salt and sugar for one or two days, then washed and left to air dry for a further two days until they are well drained. After the loin is marinated with a dressing prepared with paprika, garlic, oregano, and olive oil, they are put into elongated casings and hung for healing in a cool, dry environment for at least two to three months. Its flavour is intense and natural, usually presented as a ‘candle’ or in thin slices cut vertically and vacuum packed, it then needs to be kept in a cool dry place. Its exterior colour is light and inside it has a dark vivid red colour with marble-like appearance, because of the fat that has infiltrated. The loin is consumed raw as it is a cured meat. Tasting themes: Sliced thin in a crunchy baguette drizzled with a high-quality Spanish olive oil, in pinchos, on a charcuterie board. Download our info sheet
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