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Green Chorizo
The Iberians have been on the trail of interesting and new smallgoods and we are loving the results. Inspired by the Los Angeles street taco scene Dez has been on the hunt for the secrets behind green chorizo’s, and it looks like he has found them. We have sourced a producer with the knowhow to create the vibrant Mexican green chorizo (Chorizo Verde). The specialty sausage originates from the area of Toluca, Mexico and is made from a combination of green chilli peppers, coriander, spinach, seeds and garlic to give the chorizo a very natural flavour that seasons the pork thoroughly with a spicy kick, but doesn't overpower the meat, creating a link with great flavour and balance. This is a fresh take on the more traditional Spanish red chorizo and provides endless possibilities for your menu. Green chorizo is traditionally removed from its casing and used as a filling in tacos, but it has been reimagined by hundreds of chefs across the USA in its sausage form. It has been included as an element in seafood dishes and often as a breakfast item served with eggs. However, you decide it could be used on your menu, we know it will be a new addition to the Sydney and Melbourne dining scene. Download our info sheet
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