Chorizo Parrillero - The Iberians
Hot / Mild Chorizo
The sausage has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times and in the 12th Century in the Romanesque Calendar of San Isidoro the month of November is called the month of the slaughter of the pigs with the pork being used for the making of chorizo and other cured and dried sausage such as the Chorizo parrillero. There are references in a famous ancient Greek comediographer, Artisphones’ literary works where the main character appeared with a pot full of sausages and with a figure of a man holding a pig for sausage making. The chorizo acquired its characteristic red colour during the 16th Century when the paprika arrived from South America and was introduced into Spanish cuisine. In Spain, a chorizo must have garlic and paprika to be considered authentic since this is what differentiates Spanish chorizo from other sausages. It is cured outdoors or smoked, and its main base is minced pork marinated with paprika giving it its typical red colour and unmistakable full flavour. Our chorizo is made not only from four types of pimentón with a mix of Spanish family secret herbs, it is also made from three different parts of the Linley Valley Pork – the jowl, cheek and shoulder. The pigs raised in Western Australia at Linley Valley Pork are fed on a nutritious diet of Australian grains, such as barley, wheat and lupins. This ensures a high-quality base from which The Iberians Chorizo is produced. It has a diameter of 30-40 millimetres and string form, with a compact and firm consistency, rugged sexy appearance, smooth cut, red colour with an intense balanced aroma with a pleasant texture to the palate, and full lasting flavour, very balanced between fat and lean and includes the spicy variety. In different regions of Spain the chorizo is cooked using a variety of methods – for instance in Galicia they serve the chorizo flamed in aguardiente (a fermented alcoholic herb liquor), in Asturias it is cooked a la sidra (with cider) or simply pan-fried in olive oil or on the BBQ. Download our info sheet
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Chorizo picante - The Iberians
Air dried Hot / Mild Chorizo
In 15th Century Spain livestock was raised outside the cities and the animals killed in abbatoirs, the meat then sold to the butchers. But with the pigs it was different, the pig was still being raised in the villages, it was killed in the streets and the sausage was made by the family. This custom is something that still persists in some towns of Spain, el matadero (the slaughter of the pig). It is likely that chorizo was the first cured product that due to its age and extension gained the attention of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language whom defined in the Dictionary of Authorities in 1726 as "short piece of tripe, full of meat, regularly of pork, minced and marinated, which is normally cured by smoke ". In such time the paprika was not yet common spice to the Spanish pork-butchery. The Spanish chorizo is red due to the paprika with the ingredient arriving in Spain in the 16th Century, from the Americas. Before the paprika arrived on the Iberian Peninsula sausages were whitish or black if they were made with blood and sausage recipes can be found in ‘women’s manuals’ dating back to the 16th Century. The chorizo picante (spicy chorizo) is made with lean and fat pork, smoked and cured, traditionally made in the winter months taking advantage of the cold and frost these conditions giving it the characteristic dark red colour and aroma. There are three types of chorizo sartar, cular and vela. Tasting themes: sliced thin for sandwiches or tapas, fried with olive oil, cooked in stews with grains (lentils, chickpeas, white beans) plus a host of gastronomic combinations very typical of Castillian lands. Download our info sheet
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Green Chorizo - The Iberians
Green Chorizo
The Iberians have been on the trail of interesting and new smallgoods and we are loving the results. Inspired by the Los Angeles street taco scene Dez has been on the hunt for the secrets behind green chorizo’s, and it looks like he has found them. We have sourced a producer with the knowhow to create the vibrant Mexican green chorizo (Chorizo Verde). The specialty sausage originates from the area of Toluca, Mexico and is made from a combination of green chilli peppers, coriander, spinach, seeds and garlic to give the chorizo a very natural flavour that seasons the pork thoroughly with a spicy kick, but doesn't overpower the meat, creating a link with great flavour and balance. This is a fresh take on the more traditional Spanish red chorizo and provides endless possibilities for your menu. Green chorizo is traditionally removed from its casing and used as a filling in tacos, but it has been reimagined by hundreds of chefs across the USA in its sausage form. It has been included as an element in seafood dishes and often as a breakfast item served with eggs. However, you decide it could be used on your menu, we know it will be a new addition to the Sydney and Melbourne dining scene. Download our info sheet
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