Pickled seafood, white and browne anchovies - The Iberians
Pickled seafood
  The boquerons (marinated anchovies) NASSARI are elaborated from the best prime material,obtained from our seas. Boquerons NASSARI is a fish that has been fished in the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic and the Cantabrian sea. They are produced by firstly being cleaned in abundant water, then marinated with wine vinegar and salt, this is how they obtain their characteristic flavour, colour and texture. Product cleaned one by one, by hand.
The anchovy (Engraulis Encrasicolus) is obtained from the larger of the species, through a process inherited from the ancient Romans, salting. A gastronomic product of high quality, valued for it's characteristic aroma, obtained from a long process of salting. Throughout the salting process, the fish's own blood and a long process of curing, gives it it's own characteristic aroma. The anchovy is carefully filleted, and each fillet checked one by one to guarantee the quality of the product.
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